A blessing or not?

That tiny light is a globe that marks the arctic circle at 66 deg 33 min north.  It is just past 7.00 in the morning and the sun won’t rise for another two hours.  It is past the end of the polar nights where the sun doesn’t rise at all and day is marked by it being less dark. Later this morning we will be visited by the Viking God Njord.






He will “baptise “ some and bless our journey. The Vikings would pray to this God for smooth seas ,good hunting or fishing, and the safe return to the harbour. The baptism took the form of icy water and ice cubes being dripped down the back of your neck.Brrrrrrrrrrrr . I decided to remain unblessed and hope that the blessings on others would protect me as well.










The sun was just extending over the skyline as Njord completed his work. It was 10.15am.







Our next port was not until 12.30……plenty of time for all to recover from their blessing. It was the township of Bodø. This consists of modern buildings made from concrete and glass. The temperature felt like -11 degrees with an icy wind blowing. We risked the cold so you could have a glimpse. Later tonight we pass through a narrow strait called Raftsundet. Hopefully it will be moonlit so we can see it, and taste some traditional Norwegian fish cakes and drinks, otherwise you will have to wait for our return journey in daylight. Until tomorrow.

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