Today we travel near the most western point of Norway,  Skotebogen,and cross the open sea for two hours. This area is considered dangerous and has been the site of many ship wrecks. In fact the Vikings would carry the boats across the land for 1.7 km to avoid this strip of ocean and modern man is planning on building a sea tunnel along the edge to avoid the problem. Why is it a problem you ask? The sea is rough and the ocean here has quite shallow sections so a ship can easily be blown out of the safe channel into a more shallow dangerous section and be holed. There are many small islands which at present,much to Mike’s delight, are covered in snow and look like a painting.

Torvik, a small fishing port.






Alesund is a town known for its Art Nouveau buildings . On January 23, 1904 a fire started and 850 buildings in the town were destroyed and 10,000 people displaced. Thankfully no one was killed. The surrounding countries,particularly Germany, rallied to help the town and rebuilding was commenced immediately. The rebuilding provided work for many unemployed craftsman as Norway  ,at that time , was in a recession. As there was an opportunity to rebuild in a different style, Art Nouveau was fashionable and chosen ,but with a Norwegian traditional slant.  


There are many sculptures reflecting both the maritime and war history of the town. Ålesund was the launching place for many men wanting to join the allied fight in the last war.









Now I would like to say your intrepid travellers  climbed the 421 steps to the viewpoint above the city but no we squibbed out ! The rain had started to make the ice melt and I forgot to pack my ice spikes.  Sorry but it is impressive as it zig zags up the hill.

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