Well it is 3 degrees Celsius but according to the weather man it  feels like -6 degrees. I’m with him! There is a strong wind blowing and the snow ( just a fine icy crust ) is blowing off the roofs. Mike is turning into an icicle, and we shiver as we walk past the people sitting outside with their frothy beers at bars and don’t talk about those ice cream eaters. Don’t they know it is cold! 

See, it is 9.00 am and some poor person is heading off to work. Oh he just has to do something about the ice on the window first. Sunrise was not until 9.15. You can see it starting behind the building.

We set off to see all the parts of Bergen we had not seen last time. It was pouring rain when we visited 7 years ago and I am sorry to say we were a bit wimpy and didn’t do the city justice. Bergen has allowed modern life to come into its historic city without letting its character change. Modern buildings have kept the sense of  timelessness and there is evidence of the old being renovated to adapt to the demands of modern life.












The Bryggen was the original merchant area. This was the first meeting place and toilet for the tenement buildings of the merchants opposite.









These are still artisan shops or sell goods specific to Norway.










From here we walked around the fortress that was the seat of the ruler and government in the 1200’s. It was used for defence purpose up until 2001 when it was open to the public. The original foundations of the first buildings are either exposed  as stones or marked by hedges.

Now although cold, we ,your intrepid explorers, took the funicular to the highest point in Bergen. Despite the howling wind we took photos of the harbour and only then forced ourselves to take refuge in the cafe and drink hot chocolate laced with whipped cream…….for strengthening purposes only of course. We are now heading back to the hotel to collect our luggage and head to the ship. Stay poised  for the next instalment.

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