Ireland has beautiful changing landscapes from peat bogs, compact and large farming plots ringed by hedges or walls and then quaint villages. We drove down through all of these and Irish winter weather……sun, rain ,sleet and snow.



















Arriving in Templemore,we received a warm Irish welcome from friends. Time to sit by the fire, catch up,share stories and then visit the local pub.

Now Kilkenny was a time to see some history but since, now I had a co conspirator ,retail therapy . I did find a few things for grandchildren but for you my friends , it will be chocolate ,as I forgot to ask your size ,accidentally of course. Kilkenny is beautiful with its  castle dominating the town and of course the streetscape which is a mixture of very old,not so old and new.

Breakfast in the garden for some




















The evening was spent in the very best way: dinner, then a quiet time in the warmth of the pub, home for tea/ coffee by the fire and lots of talking and sharing. One of the best ways to experience travel, with friends.

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