Did we make it?

Travellers – on time✅


Lunch        – salad and cheese purchased✅

Train.          – 4 minutes late❎

Seats located- only slight error but right carriage✅

Luggage stowed, coffee ordered, travellers settled..✅image          Tickets checked✅

The train started…..it was very ,very quiet. 50, 100, 150 ………imageimage image   Bluurrrrrrrrrr, houses,roads,towns ,farms, ..

Speed increasing, whistle blowing, train coming!

We will make our connections.Hurrah.image

241 kph , fasterimage image


image 252..no look it’s 293!

but look, we are slowing, we will not make that connection…..there was an 18 minute window but it is disappearing.

An announcement, the train for the Rothenburg  connection is waiting at Wurzburg. You will need to go from platform 5 to platform 1. Hurry, it leaves in 4minutes. Down the stairs with bags, bump bump, across the tunnel, puff ,puff, up the stairs, bump,pant,bump..in the carriage, whoooo, we are off.image  Only one more train.

Change at Steinachimage  Across the platform.

Now  readers, you may wonder why I am not making my presence known. Look closely and you may see my ghostly self….. I am travelling with those three.image Rothenburg!!!!

Rothenburg is a beautiful medieval city that dates back to 1150’s. Parts were damaged during the last war but much of this has been restored and the rest is as it was built from 1200 on, it is a walled city that has seen sieges, the reformation, earthquakes and the formation of legends and legendary figures.

We began our exploration of the walls, walked the streets and admired the buildings. There was of course the odd diversion to check out shops,have coffee and relax. The cake is a ball of cookie dough that they bake and roll in chocolate,caramel or vanilla. Interesting but I don’t want another.

image Sliding down the narrow aisles,past fat nectarines, peaches and grapes,along near biscuits and chocolate, past wines and beers, and cheeses in one amazing shop was an enormous  model train section……just the thing to inspire our train enthusiasts. Dinner and bed……come back tomorrow to see some of the fabulous buildings and sights of this magical city.😉🌧.




2 thoughts on “Did we make it?”

  1. Hi all weary travellers. I have had a spare few minutes to catch up with you this morning. I am impressed by the sampling of local cuisine. Are my parents also being so brave?

    I hope you have had a chance to buy new comfy shoes for those poor overworked feet!

    1. Yes sort of…your mum and I sometimes share so she has to or she will be hungry. I am trying not to be to radical in my choice.
      I am always looking for shoes. No success yet.😢

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