Fakarava or Takapoto

Don’t try to say that fast as it sounds somewhat suspect on the polite scale. We have a little Internet but you will have to wait for pictures of fruit trees, palms ,azure seas and beaches, as the pictures won’t load up at this speed or data.

This is the island you see in the glossy magazines. Simple houses, gardens with fruit hanging off them and exotic flowers. One of the other guests picked a fig that was hanging down for me to taste. The people on this island are proud of their environment. One garden even had all the yard raked . It was Sunday, so all the locals were on their way to one of the churches. The main religions here are Protestant, Catholic and Morman. A bus passed us with people singing on their way to another area of the island.

Our guides told us the legend of the coconut. By the way, should you want to break one, hit it straight between the eyes. Mauwi, a human with magic power,had defeated the Eel king who was threatening a Princess.He gave the Princess the head in a bag and said, don’t put it on the ground. The princess grew tired and forgot the warning. It had also slipped her mind, that the  Eel king said , she would kiss him. As if she said! While she slept a coconut tree grew from the bag. She cut a coconut from the tree and drank the water. As she drank her lips touched the coconut shell and the “Eels” lips. Next time you look at the holes in a coconut…two eyes and a mouth?

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