Help, imprisoned!


image Is this the imprisioned Australian?  No, definitely Australian ,but not imprisioned.





Is this little fish or one of its friends the poor imprisoned Australian? No , just a really cute aquarium in the shopping centre.image


Zagreb was , and is the centre of Croatia business and culture. The characteristic of the city,  it is most proud of , is its walks and green spaces. Today we thought we too should experience these. We walked to the railway station through gardens. It is an impressive structure once on the Orient Express route.image

Just along from the railway is the Botanical Gardens. It is here, hiding among the plants ,we found the imprisioned Aussie.



















On on the bridge,?  No , that’s Sue and Pauline admiring the tortoises and hoping the little one can get up the bank.image No over here, quickly, it’s trapped!


It’s a Wollomi Pine. Somehow Europe lost all of theirs, (so careless) , so had to trap one of ours. Poor little pine tree. We reassured it by saying it was surrounded by its European cousins , and , when it was just a bit bigger, it would be allowed out of its “playpen”.

Further along, there  was a heated glass house with huge lily pads and pretty lilies in bloom.



image   image

imageHow would you like these roots growing under your house?

In the afternoon, Pauline and John bravely ventured out to discover the mystery of driving from one country , and coping with tolls. It seems you need green stickers and green cards, purchased from a service station, before you leave the country.

We deserted them and went to the Museum of Illusions.image  Would you like a head  on a platter?










Same room, giant or dwarf





Lake Bled tomorrow. Mike and John driving with a help from the magic GPS, we will be the first class passengers in the back. See you there.😉





4 thoughts on “Help, imprisoned!”

    1. No Ella, Pa was safe, I always look after him. It was an optical illusion. Pa climbed underneath a table that had a joke plate with a hole cut into it and I took his phot when he popped his head through.😘

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