Here, there and everywhere.

Thanks for the comments as I wasn’t sure anybody was out there and I miss hearing from you.

Today was Tromsø, Finnsnes,Harstad, Risøyhamn, Sortland, Stokmarknes, Svolvær and Stamsund. In most cases , we were in port only 15-30 minutes. By the time you put the scarf,hat,gloves and coat on( the thermals are a permanent fixture), negotiate passengers leaving, and those who need a breath of fresh air , it’s time to get back onto the ship. We did get off at Harstad, Stockmarknes and Svolvær. But first the last of the Northern Lights for us as the clouds are now coming and we won’t be able to see them.

Sunrise was just beginning as we arrived in Harstad. As it was Sunday, everything was quiet.They have an amazing sea fountain that looks like a sail on a ship. Many expedition into the Artic and Antarctica started from this port.

Cafe area. Lots of cool coffee spots but bring a rug and a wool cushion to sit outside girls.










Stockmarnes is the birth place of Hurtigruten. It was started in 1893 by Richard With . He combined with other local sea captains and businessmen to create the postal, freight and passenger transport between the islands that make up this part of Norway. Local people still use the ships in Winter to go from Island to Island as the roads are often impassable with snowfalls and ice. Today there is a museum, the second Finnmarken ship and a university all linked with the Hurtigruten trademark.

Stokmarknes in 1950.
The second Finnmarken built in 1950’s
Hurtigruten headquarter , museum and training University.
One of the many bridges linking the islands.







Now I know you are curious about the ship so here is a whistle tour.

Cafeteria for short stay passengers

Play room
Outside the shop.
English breakfast
Healthy breakfast
Continental breakfast, mackerel,herrings,salmon,cheese,salami,pickles…..
Yukky scrambled eggs
Panorama lounge
Shop, no didn’t buy you anything as toooooo expensive.

2 thoughts on “Here, there and everywhere.”

  1. Hi Steve,
    A) We are having fun
    B) Why would I behave
    C) I want to do the Hurtigruten trip from Halifax to Iceland!
    I love Norway too but I don’t think Aussie winter gear is good for snow and ice but it is certainly a fun challenge when you are exploring. We are booked to go to Pitcairn next year on the Aranui. Are you coming……we can bring you microwave burgers. French make good fries.LOL love to you and yours

  2. OMG! You made it to Norway! And on Hurtigruten…..that’s my specialty! You’d better a) be having fun, b) behaving and c) remember I book all of these trips! LOL
    Amazing photos, thanks for sharing. I LOVED Norway on Hurtigruten 😉 Love to you both!

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