Homeward bound.

We have had a nap in the Transit hotel……expensive by Thai prices but worth every cent. Walked the shopping halls and decided we didn’t need or want anything . You can walk for an hour and not see all the shops.There is an amazing range of goods on offer,  especially the types of food to take home. So now we are sitting in the CIP lounge, checking out the interesting nibbles and waiting for our flight in 3 hours. ( ps the Tuna puffs and ice cream were great and no I didn’t eat them together. ) See you at home , or you can join us in February  when we go to Vietnam and Cambodia.



3 thoughts on “Homeward bound.”

  1. What some lovely memories your writing and photos brought back for me. We were only in Helsinki for a scant few hours, and would have loved to stay and discover more. You found out many interesting things that we did not, so thank you for adding to my knowledge about this beautiful city!

    1. Hi Jo, I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog. We are off to Vietnam in February braving trains, and then a river cruise. Have you travelled to Asia?

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