It’s cold outside.

Our host at Dubrovnik arrived in between showers,and took us to the airport. (Last night John had carried his umbrella to ward off the rain. It poured while we ate and then stopped so we could walk home.)

Zoran described what it was like in the War for Independence. Woman and children were taken to other cities and countries by boat as this was the safest. Communications were lost for four months. Zoran was a police captain before the war, and all of the police were involved with the conflict. It was pouring with rain. The road runs on the cliffs by the sea. Water was flowing down the hill. Zoran was waving his hands and talking. The sea looked close but we  reached the airport.

First class passengers get special attention on flights as do Business class. Guess who was in the four Business class seats , and had a very tasty hot lunch , while everyone else had to buy lunch . We arrived safely in Helsinki. I  tried to buy vodka at duty free and was told no only ,when You go through departures . Oh dear and I wanted to pack it. John and Pauline rescued our luggage while I was on this fruitless quest. We found the train, so to all train fanatics ….didn’t take a picture , but they have lots of great colours, red and white, purple and white, green, yellow and white, blue,green and white. Here is the station.image You can see its cloudy no rain but a freezing wind. Out came the coats, gloves and beanies. We found the hotel and guess what, shops to the right, shops to the left, shops below, everywhere shops.


image    Thought you would like these sculptures




image image


The city has some lovely open spaces, lots of pedestrian areas and a mixture of buildings. Tomorrow we will investigate more. Till then!

image image

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