imageToday we did not wake early, gulp breakfast, hurriedly brush teeth, cram and zip suitcases and rush out the door. Today we leisurely did all those things and then sedately walked to the wharf to catch the ferry.

One of the most talked about and visited locations in Switzerland is the Lake Lucerne. It has been described in many superlatives. I would just say it is magic. We saw all its splendour in sun and mist. You can too ,in the following photos.

image image

image image

We started in Flüelen, and then traveled to Lucerne stopping at towns along the lake. In early times, the houses would have occupied the lower areas near the lake, with farms higher up on the mountains. These would have been quite isolated in winter. Transport would mainly have been by boat to larger settlements, reminiscent  of the Heidi movie. Nowadays you can go by boat, take a cable car or funicular and link up to trains ,buses or roads. Hikers often take day trips using a combination of these.

Us, just the ferry today. It had an interesting wildlife theme.image

image The whole ferry had stuffed animals and skins decorating it. I felt a little sorry for the owners who had lost their skins,heads etc. Look at the gazelle and the hide on the seat.

The total ferry journey takes two and a half hours. We did not get tired of the incredible scenery.


image image image

image image image

image image image

image Lucerne, a city on the lake and at the river mouth. We arrived in the early afternoon in time to book into our hotel, then explore the old city ,on our way to drop of the laundry. You know , it is a good way to find out of the way sights

You will love our hotel rooms. They each have a theme. Pauline and John are in the Baroque, and we are up in the eaves in the Egyptian room.

image image

image image


It is a room with this view of the square. Pretty good isn’t it. We are truly suffering for your enlightenment readers.

Cannoloni with fresh Salmon was on our shared dinner tonight. Husbands had shrimp spaghetti and gnocchi respectively. All happy.

Talk to you tomorrow when we have discovered more exciting adventures…a trip up a mountain, cable cars, funiculars, a museum or a fort. Wait and see.











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