Mighty Matterhorn

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image  image As you guessed, bags are packed and we travelled to Zermatt.


We passed Lake Thon and many pretty villages that line the lake shores. Some houses are in unbelievable positions.image image image

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How would you like to live on top of the mountain. It is ,seemingly, so isolated.but there are towns and houses in the most unlikely places.image

Zermatt Is a town is under the shadow of a rather well known, and some might say famous mountain. The Matterhorn can be seen glistening in the sun long before you reach Zermatt.

imageimageWe decided to get a little closer to this famous mountains by catching  the Gornergrat Train. This takes you up to just about 1000 metres below the peak. There was snow lying in patches even though it was sunny and quite warm. The crevasses were easier to see as cracks in the glacier. The view, you ask.




Words can not describe the feelings you have standing and experience the beauty of our world.

We went for a short, because it is incredibly steep, walk , and wondered how they run marathons up the mountain. Once back in Zermatt , we booked into the hotel and went to find dinner. I know you will be disappointed , but we chose pub food . Travelling you meet lots of interesting people and try new things but at some point you crave fruit, vegetables and familiar food. A proper burger with meat and salad. Bliss.



image image  We are planning on a quiet day tomorrow so who knows what it will bring.

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