Moving on!

Today our travellers decided to be energetic…..well more than usual. We packed up ,and left our apartment in the centre of the city for the relative quiet of the hotel ,near the domestic airport. Our tour of the rest of the island leaves from here. It was wonderful being in the city but all the young tourists like to party on Friday and Saturday nights and strolled past the apartment at 12,1,2,3,4,5 o’clock and share their happiness.

We walked as it was only a few kilometres but our bags did appear to grow minds of their own on route…and gain a few kilos. Our hotel is close to a domed building. John and Mike decided they must be water reservoirs.They have surrounded the building with bush land, and put shops and restaurants in the centre,then topped it with a revolving domed restaurant.A clever use of a necessity.image image

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