Northern lights at last!

Very cold fisherman.

Vardø is a small town of a few thousand people.

We arrived at 4.00pm. The only people around were from the ship. -17degrees seems to keep people inside.



















Clear skies! We saw the Northern Lights. Looking with your eyes,you just see white streaks across the sky. Take a photo and magically colours appear.


Deliver my mail please to the box with the Troll



Today we head for Hammerfest,the northern most town in Norway. I am sure it was named for some Viking who was able to break a block of wood with a single blow of his hand……😄. When we came a few years ago we visited both the Polar Bear museum and the Museum showing the reconstruction of the town in 1946. This time we just crunched through the snow and  enjoyed seeing the town in a different way.    

Main Cathedral with small stain glass windows showing different aspects of the people’s lives.


Ps. Don’t forget to let me know you are out there reading the blog  and what you like or I will just think I am being self indulgent . Leave a comment……or just say hello. The ship below  used to be in Australia as an accomodation ship for the LNG plant on Barrow Island and Mike piloted it.

The Finnmarken

8 thoughts on “Northern lights at last!”

  1. Adore your quirky insights and beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing. We’re even feeling the cold!
    Love you xxx

    1. A bit different to your trip Jen , we haven’t been as energetic or seen any wildlife but it has been fun crunching in the sounds even better than jumping in a pile of autumn leaves.

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