Norway , are we there yet?

It was a marathon but we made it. We left home at 10.00am  24th( train go slow) – Callie’s.- train station 😭 Ella- airport – plane to Dubai ( dinner, great ice cream 4 movies and 4 short tv programmes) Happy Australia Day- plane to London( dinner? Even better ice cream , 2 movies , breakfast) – plane to Oslo- plane to Bergen- bus to Bergen city 5. 00 pm  Friday 26th.

You may think we had been sleeping and getting no exercise but we got to explore Dubai airport and then to walk from terminal 3 to terminal 2 in London. We needed the exercise! There was this great sculpture in the airport so you knew you were in London.






This terminal was a huge improvement of our last visit to London positively ages ago and the food was reasonable (because there was to be no food on the SAS flights). Mike looked relaxed after an excellent hot chocolate.

As we flew over Norway Mike was in seventh heaven. Snow! More snow!








Bergen only had sleet ,not much snow,but it is very pretty.

Today will be walking around Bergen before joining the ship….so stay poised to continue your adventure.







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