Novosibirsk is a modern city by Russian standards. It was built in the 1890’s to build and service the Trans-Siberian railway. It is famous for having the largest Ballet and Opera theatre in Russia as well as two smaller theatres. There are special schools for training for all the performing arts. It is a university city. Here you have to get a high score to enter university but it does not guarantee you a high salary l
    The  Train museum has displays of photos showing the construction of the railway starting with a bridge over the Ob river.

There is also memorabilia from the different periods in the railway history.



The main Ballet and opera concert area.

In the park in front of the main concert hall, they have different art displays according to the season. These twig art sculptures were for Autumn.   






One of the smaller theatres.



In Russia, it is common to visit a Baina. This consists of a sauna, massage with a Birch branch and then a cold bath, or sometimes a very hot then cold or snow bath. You may do it as a family or with friends you know well as you are generally naked. Men and women can visit separately if with friends or business acquaintances. This is then followed with a tea ceremony often with pancakes and jam and honey. We had the pancakes but only looked at the Baina…..we are not THAT friendly with our companions. It is expensive at $50 an hour.

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