NZ fauna and flora.

Omau is a settlement not far from Westport. It has been the site of one ship wreck , a thriving mining and forestry area, seals and large town. Now it is a motel and tavern. The trees and railway have gone. The lighthouse has been rebuilt and automated. Tiny place, few people, big on hospitality and the surroundings are breathtaking.


Just north of Cape Foulwind or Omau is a a seal colony so fauna time. It was morning tea time with lots of mums providing milkshakes.

Apart from seals , this area is known for blue penguins and the rare Weka bird. This one was checking out the tourists in the car park.

   Flora update!

Good in the garden?

  No! Nice flowers, big spines.


Along the west coast to Nelson , mining of gold, coal and other minerals has been common. Consequently there are remnants of this history in railway and mining debris. Lyall is an  example of this. 1870 a town went up in 6 months with six hotels, two butchers, drapers,  school, church, and other stores. 



This is part of an 80 km walking and bushwalking track called the Old Ghost Walk. The history of the town and the characters who lived there are remembered now only through photos and graves.

There are many hidden sights like this waterfall or distant views of towns that look as if they are painted.

   Nelson. Dinner tonight was in a bar called the   Smugglers Inn. There were rules to be followed. We were very well behaved, really.




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