Off the beaten track

No tickets! No police checks!  No freeways!image

Waking today to absolute quiet. No wind, a stormy sky, the lake was beautiful. Having explored the town, we decided to take a walk left along the lake. This leads through parklands that were once part of the country’s leader Tito’s residence. It is now public land and his home is now an expensive hotel. He had the most amazing views.image


image It is fabulous that all the local residents now  run, walk their dogs and happily fish. Several fisherman were throwing food or lures into the water and then putting out lines. Much better prepared for the downturn in temperature than us, they had their equipment, bed like stretchers, doonas or rugs and  thermos.

As we left the hotel, we checked for anything else we should see in the area. Go straight, thirty kilometres , there is a bigger lake. Off we went….yes there is a bigger lake and a well photographed church.image

image  image

Definitely worth the effort. Coffee next , then to Ljubiana. The countryside is lush. Villages have only made concessions to modern life by having a road. These wind through the towns virtually on the doorsteps of houses. The barns have an interesting open construction.image  image




image    image     Ljubiana is  magnificent . Cars are excluded in the old city . Green space is important , as are the wide streets, whoever had the fore thought to design the city, has created an alluring city for the past, present and future. This is the street with our hotel. It is on the left with the awnings.image

All the buildings are elegant and the city welcomes you into its streets. It has a river at its heart and the old city, complete with castle, wraps around its sides.


image image

image image

image image

image  image

There are Roman ruins in the centre. Tomorrow can’t come quick enough for us to cruise on the river and explore the castle. Hope you are ready to come too.image


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