On the road.

image imageToday we leave Croatia temporarily and enter Slovenia. Did we go by boat? Train?image




This is the closest we got to a train today. Our transport today is this car. Surprisingly it fits all four suitcases, two middles size bags and three backpacks.image




With a little help from a GPS, we escaped Zagreb…not a mean feat as there are lots of one way streets. Once on the Freeway, we stopped at the first service station for the necessary sticker and papers. Great no problem. We decided not to take the main roads but to go out into the countryside so we could experience the true Slovenia. Just a short time into the journey we are waved over by a policeman. Papers. Licence. Off he went. We waited….and waited…..and waited. Back he came. All good ,you may go. Big sigh of relief.

image image  image

Twenty minutes further on , a border check. Get out passports. Join queue. Reach check point noticing that houses beside checkpoint are divided by barb rolled wire. imageHand over passports. You must go back and go by main road. Collect passports on other side. Round we go and collect passports. Leave country and return to Freeway.


Queue. Reach checkpoint. Hand over passports. Pay toll. Passports stamped. You may go. We are in Slovenia,finally. We leave the Freeway and really get to see the passing countryside!image image image

Beautiful flat farm land, some goats or cows grazing but mainly corn crops being harvested. Each farm and quite a few houses we passed, had lush vegetable gardens and vines. Tidy villages just seem to emerge out of the landscape.image

imageOur chauffeurs had decided that they wanted to see tractors pulling carts laden with hay ,and dusky beautiful , maidens. We agreed , as long as the tractors were driven by strapping, young handsome farmers. We saw lots of tractors heading for the local village.image We saw tractors pulling carts laden with hay bales. Were they driven by handsome young farmers…..sadly they weren’t young and handsome is in the eye of the beholder. Even more disappointing for the chauffeurs was the lack of beautiful maidens. Guess they are stuck with the first class passengers.

Arriving at Lake Bled, we were stunned by its beauty. Our accomodation is opposite the lake. Look at the fabulous view.Tomorrow we will explore the island and castle.image


PS. Dinner no room for dessert.



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