Ps. it snowed.

Coming  down the mountains ,there was increasing amounts of snow on the ground. Then down came the snow. Mike would like to say blizzard and we were in danger of missing our flight, but in reality it was more a flurry that continued until the outskirts of Christchurch. The wind chill was minus,minus,minus. 

Once in Christchurch,we visited a transport museum….not the one Mike remembered but there were a few cute classic cars.  For our next holiday?

 Chitty,chitty Bang bang.

From another era…

Check in time..see you soon.

4 thoughts on “Ps. it snowed.”

  1. OMG you two! It looks like you’re having a blast……a winter blast 🙂 Quite different than French Polynesia, eh? New Zealand looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics and stories!!

    1. Hi Steve, we did . You would have loved the thermal pools. All quiet now till the Trans-Siberian railway at the end of August.

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