Rain, rain Split!

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Seaside locations along the road from Zadar to Split. Look beautiful don’t they , and they are pristine just like the Gold Coast used to be, before it was developed. Now don’t get excited , there are no beaches only rocks and dirt. See those storm clouds, sorry we did not stop to check out the water temperature for you ,or the facilities. I know as travellers , we have failed you,  but there it is. The sea does keep the land close warmer though,  because in every nook there were olive trees and grape vines. Also here,  they seemed to have cleared the land of rocks ,and then used them to create small sheltered fields.


imageKrka is a National Park between Zadar and Split. It is known for its beautiful waterfalls, lake, fortress ruins and an island with a historical monastery. Ahhhh, more stunning photographs and, how far did you have to walk? A mere two km around to the waterfalls, but remember those rain clouds. Think sleeting rain, lightning and thunder. You guessed it , we got there and then ,knowing you would like us to keep safe, had coffee and left for Split.

Suzi, of Apartment Suzi,  was waiting for us in Split and even,  found us a free park. Not an easy feat in a city that is built on levels,  around medieval and Roman ruins. They are impressive, I’m sure you will agree. Restaurants and modern shops are tucked and built into the spaces of the old buildings.

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imageTomorrow we are hoping for sunshine , as we are planning to catch the local ferry to the island of Hvar. This is suppose to have fairytale architecture and is located two hours by ferry from Split.


2 thoughts on “Rain, rain Split!”

  1. Loved the sea sounds. I would love to live in the middle of all the history you are showing us here, but I suspect it has its downsides.

    1. I am sure it does create problems especially for those with cars, but surprisingly they seem to be able to modernise within the shell of the old buildings. Must require patience and lots of imagination to fit the water and electrics in where you want them. I do love the thick walls and windows. Here in Croatia, they still use shutters mostly traditional wooden but some new metal…saves on heating and cooling.Take care

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