Rangiora and Bora Bora

Have you missed me? It is funny in modern times not being able to access internet readily ,but phones work fine, well except mine……emergencies only, and Internet is patchy and expensive for visitors.

Throwing our flower head dresses and leis into the water, we left the Marques Islands and headed back to Rangiora and Bora Bora. This was done traditionally to ensure travellers returned to their family and friends.Rangiora is an amazingly flat island.

Morning approaching the lagoon entrance.

Sunset over the island.

The main industry is pearl farming. We visited one farm where the process was explained. The black colour comes from the mantle of the animal and , the colours mixed through it, from the grit used. This is taken from the inside of a colourful shell. A bead made from shells in the Mississippi River is used to form the pearl nucleus by placing it into a pocket in the oyster. One shell can produce three different sized pearls in its lifetime. You would think the poor thing would get a rest but no, it is eaten and its shell sold to China for mother of pearl decorations. Sorry have not bought you pearls………tooooooo expensive.

Sailing to Bora Bora was delayed as one of the passengers snorkelling had a mishap with his breathing and needed to be airlifted to Tahiti. He was fineand recovered quickly. We , well we just floated around in the sea. Very peaceful,requiring no effort as the water is shallow and quite salty.

Bora Bora has a huge volcanic mountain and is built around the remaining rim of an ancient volcano. It’s crater is now a beautiful turquoise lagoon.

The town itself is not exciting with scattered shops along a road . I believe there are many resorts where you can enjoy water sports. We just spent our time in the lagoon on one of the tiny atolls. Lots of coconut trees, she oaks and shrubs. The ships crew set up a barbecue for lunch. We all headed for the water to swim with the fish. Zebra, black, white, yellow , all just swimming around you as long as you were reasonably still.

On the ship , the crew are amazing. They all pitch in to entertain with traditional dances and songs. The guide said to us, when passengers arrive they worry how they are going to be accepted by them, especially with the English speakers, then they relax. They tell jokes, share family stories and the passengers’ perception of the day’s activities. Too soon the trip is over and it is time to say goodbye. Each time he said ,they feel a little sad. There were certainly many hugs and much kissing of cheeks in the French style. We all felt a similar pang.

Back to the real world tomorrow when we fly home. See you soon.

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  1. It’s certainly been a different trip for you both, but no doubt relaxing. Safe trip home. Looking forward to seeing you xxx

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