imageimageAfter 4 airports, 3 flights, 2 dinners, 2 snacks , 2 breakfasts and snacks at each of the airport lounges,  3 passport inspections,we reached our destination. What a relief……our bags did too. Coming into Iceland , you travel across the land and then swing back to land in Reykavik. Greens changed into black and browns as you move across the landscape of alluvial plains,rugged volcanic mountains to the settled coastline. In some places you couldn’t see where the mountains ended and the clouds start.

Being  intrepid adventurers, and it was 9.00am, we set off to explore the city. The main cathedral has an amazing organ .There was a lift to the top. I just said at least there wasn’t stairs to the bell tower. Oops! Yes ,there was five flights to climb to the top.

Come Join us on our travels!