Slipping and sliding.

Well we are now experiencing the wonders and perils of snow. When we arrived in Trondheim,there was a covering of powder snow on the ground that turned the city into a fairyland. The snow covered slippery ice which we soon discovered. No broken bones just bruised pride.


Trondheim was first settled by the Vikings in the 900’s.  In medieval times, King Olav defeated the Viking leader of the time and placed his head on stake on an island just off the coast. This island was used as a fortress and as a prison even in 1945.



8.30 am in Trondheim




The towns medieval roots are reflected in the beautiful gothic styled church and Arch -bishops palace as well as the commanding statue of King Olav in the centre of the market square. More modern uses have been found for the many warehouses that line the waterways , but the essential structure has retained its outward appearance.

The old city bridge.
The bridge pulley system.










Now look at the Cathedral.  It would be the right setting for some scary horror movie.

Nidaros Cathedral


The Arch-bishops palace was also used as a fortress and as a royal residence.The Cathedral is still used for services and is the built over King Olav’s Grave. The Palace is contains museums.






Shopping centres are disguised as large ,closed office looking buildings ,but there are many small shops outside. This shop had 9 types of slushies. As it is cold most streets had fairy lights and large pots that contained hardy sedge plants. Well it’s back to the ship. We will be back in Trondheim to catch the train next week so we may even make the fortress at the top of the hill that has seen many battles . The most recent in 1945.

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