No rain today, haze, cloud but no rain.

Well readers, I hope you appreciate the torture we are experiencing to further your travel knowledge. Our first hurdle was to purchase a travel pass for all the types of transport available in Zurich city. Now the book said you go to a machine on the station ,select day pass and purchase for 8.60 Swiss franks. Mmmmmmm. There are a dizzy array of day tickets. We gave up and went to a ticket person. No worries. Off to the trams. You would be proud, we caught two different trams and arrived at lake to catch the ferry around the lake.image   Zurich as a city has grown around the lake and now extends up the slopes on all the sides.


As you can see it is closely populated but unlike the old city, there is open space and plenty of green areas for people to relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Torture you ask, what torture…trams and ferries…we then walked to the Grossmünster. This a church built with two towers that can be seen on this skyline from many parts of city. It has magnificent carved doors, stain glass from both modern and Renaissance artists and winding steps up to the top of the tower. Yes we climbed the 187 steps  so you could experience the view.

image image

image  Look at the view two thirds up.

image image image

From the top!image image

image image

From here we had to recover with coffee and try a local fast food…the shape of a pastie with unusual fillings. We’re down near the blue carousel on the bottom left photo.

Now where would you expect to see murals from a famous painter..a church, art museum, you would be wrong. You would find them in the police station. In the entrance and adjoining room,the ceiling and walls are covered with brilliant reds,greens,gold. Patterns and flowers are on the ceilings and on the walls are pictures of workers building, an astronomer, Pythagarus and women.

Next a river ferry, and walking along the lake.image

image image image


image image

Swimming… sorry too cold for us.

Well that’s it for today…enjoy these final pictures as its trains again tomorrow as we head for Flüelen.

image  image



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    1. We have seen some amazing sights…rain haze just makes it more interesting…fog.mmmmmmmm but it still has a wonderful atmosphere. Take care

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