Sunshine,ocean , the new St Tropez?

image image So different when not dodging raindrops. Split turned the sun on today. The temperature soared, sunscreen was applied and we headed off.

imageI have great respect for non English speakers travelling overseas. We have found that most places, people can understand us even  if they don’t speak English. Today we wanted to go by ferry to Hvar. To find out times, how to return and cost was a mite tricky as there are two ways, car or catamaran.ferry. Times were confusing on the timetable, and we had to ask a few different people to understand it. Success, we presented ourselves at 8.00 am. got tickets and at 8.30am left by car ferry to a town near Hvar, caught a bus and we were there. Coming back was easy as we caught the catamaran bounced over the waves and returned safely. It was definitely like being on a roller coaster. Split harbour looked stunning.

image image

Hvar was a trading centre for sage, lavender and olives. It was built as a walled fortress town with a castle at the highest point. image image

The city walls were modified in the 13th,14th and 15th centuries to suit the changing needs of the port. Now it entertains people from all over the world and has been called the new St Tropez. With its mild climate and gleaming water. I can understand it being a popular destination for people escaping the cold.





image      Brilliant blue water, boats, fishing, walks down narrow streets to find hidden gems, swimming, what more could a holiday maker want.


image   image

image  image image

image image image


We certainly enjoyed sitting at cafes with holidaymakers and locals, then wandering through the gardens and narrow streets.

Returning to Split, we recovered from our bouncy ride in the catamaran with coffee and Split cake, a hazelnut meal and fig combination. Dinner was with the locals on the waterfront,eating sesame coated fish  and chips followed by ice cream. Life is soooooo tough when you are on holiday. Tomorrow, John and Pauline are heading back to  Krka. They are trusting us to behave and we are going to pretend to be locals, walk a little, drink coffee, sit and people watch. As I said , life’s tough when you are a traveller.

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    1. Interesting food, your dad tried some sausage made with spiced meat and Mike had beef stuffed with cheese a bit like mozzarella. We have all eaten the local fish with sesame seeds but in general the food is not very different to at home…..and there is pizza and pasta everywhere. Do not want either for ages!

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