To the furthest land…..

The moon above the land , 8.00am near Havøysund.


On the way to Northcape , the furthest land before the sea in the Artic circle, we visited Havøysund. This is a tiny fishing village. It was -13degrees and the moon was low in the sky. Although it looks light, sunrise will not be for another two hours and sunset will be at 2.30pm. A tunnel has been constructed Across the strait to link this island,called Finnland to the mainland.

The green dots are the fishing fleet.



From here we headed to Honningsvåg. This town was the site for a fish factory and also where the first tourists to Northcape landed. The tourist would then hike to the Cape. During World War 2 , Honningsvåg was bombed by the allies and then burnt to the ground by the retreating German troops. It was rebuilt and the evacuated inhabitants returned. There is a small museum explaining the history of the area back to its first settlement in Stone Age times.

Trees ,an unusual sight now.


Hikers from the ship heading up the mountain


Extra seats on the back!
Your new modes of transport?
For one.
Or many!











The museum and more.

Bamse,a famous dog of the area.







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