To Zagreb

Dear Readers,

Just thought I would let you know….apart from the fact, I have Internet, and that I am on the bus, how to leave me messages….should you want.

Do not try to log on….the site registers that as an attack. Under each post you can comment or contact me . You will be asked for your name, that appears and email address, ( doesn’t appear and just lets me know you are legit). If you want to get told when I have posted, just tick the box and you are then classed as a subscriber. I can knock you off when you get tired of me and let me know.

Before I leave you, we nearly didn’t make it on time. We managed to get on the correct ferry number, but going wrong way. Well it was ok , because we got to see lots more of the island and we had allowed time for mishaps. Arrived at station, managed the self service ticket.machine. Amazing . Have 4 tickets. Ask for right platform. Find train. Oops Madam, they are not validated. Wait for conductor to sign and date each ticket. Dash onto train as the doors close.  Arrive at station for bus, desperate for loo. Oh dear, some of us have to resort to Maccas ,so we all can go without paying. ( $2 each)image

What a sacrifice! We had a healthy tuna roll and some fries. To get this we had to queue up at a counter .order……not sure what we are getting because no English, and sadly no Italian from me either, as long as it is not shrimp or lobster, we’re OK. Pauline got the fries for us…a different queue. Cheers Suzanne

image image image image image image

P.S. We are in a traffic jam. You don’t get them on a train. Is there a train to Zagreb?

image image image

Certainly there is a change in scenery as we leave the vineyards for crops and grazing lands. Trieste is perched on a hill near the sea, and it is as you go inland ,that you notice the most changes. Houses and apartments are only a few stories high. Villages are more compact and there is usually a church or building with a tower/ steeple at its heart. The land appears to be drier and there are more trees even forests.

We are here. As we crossed the border between Slovenia and Croatia, we all had to leave the bus and present our passports to officials. One stamp out ,and one stamp in ,now back on the bus.

Tomorrow we will introduce you to Zagreb.


4 thoughts on “To Zagreb”

  1. Havent heard from you for a few days are you still lost?
    You could get a bit wet lost in Venice. Caught up at coffee with only 2 people missing today (are they still lost).
    The cafe has been bought out by that older lady and so the staff is going to change. Have a new friend to bring to coffee, a surprise for Sue. Hope you are all keeping well, Love Fiona

    1. No we made it to Zagreb.It will be interesting with a new owner…will she still love us? Am intrigued with who you are bringing to coffee…not Mrs Jones… We are all good. Love Sue

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