Upstream to Koh Chen

This picture reflects the feelings of Cambodia. Acknowledge the past, the ancestors and look to the future.






We went on a Tuk Tuk, much more comfortable and less scary than the rickshaw or cyclo.

As I write this, I can hear the chants of Buddhist monks from the Pagoda. We were woken by music and rooster well before sunrise. Days start early in the villages and we are moored near Koh Chen. The main industry of this village is silversmiths. Each small village along the Mekong appears to have specialties…..silver, timber carving,silk weaving pottery. These are then sent down river to the main cities.

Shaping the copper base
Coating the copper with silverplate
Scraping so next layer can be added
First layer done

. The whole family is involved in making silver.  Grandma  looks after the family and the house.

   Poorer families live in simple one room huts on the river bank. Hammocks are hung underneath. Cooking is done on a porch outside to avoid fires. More wealthy people….the owners of the workshop, live in much more substantial houses. Most houses are built on stilts to avoid floods. New houses have concrete posts and floors. During the dry, underneath the house is used for sleeping,working and entertaining.

School days for children are four hours, either in the morning or afternoon. The teacher works the whole day. The room is simple and the children learn basic reading and writing. Where possible children are introduced to basic English as well. Our visit to the classroom was greeted with great enthusiasm as it is a break from routine and a chance to practice their English.

   Sunset arrived and we were entertained by the crew. There was plenty of opportunities to dance and try the traditional steps.


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  1. Hi
    Once again fascinating stories n photos. We do a catch up every few days. Still don’t know how you manage the pace.
    Hope the weather has been good for you – been raining for days here.
    We are keeping well but I had my injection in my hip on Friday. Ouch!! Has given me some relief.
    I have misplaced the date you arrive home. I know you leave again on 22nd.
    Travel safe – missing you. xxxx

    1. Hi we are back on the 13th but late. Hope the injection works this time. Don’t develop web feet or I won’t be able to keep up with you at Aqua. Missing you folk too. Love you heaps

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