Vietnam and its people

Vietnam is divided into different areas. Each area has its own traditions for family life , dress and marriage. At the Museum for Woman, the differences between the groups are displayed. In the past these differences would have prevented intermarriage between ethnic groups. Obviously these differences are becoming blurred with modern life.  In some groups the girl is more important and in others the boy. The marriage service involves the giving of gifts and eventually either the girl or boy moving to the other family.

 Possible wedding fashion?

Official wedding photos with the groom pointing to the Turtle Island temple for fertility and prosperity. There is much symbolism in the Vietnamese culture.

Life is not easy for farmers and many women leave their family to become street sellers.. Their day starts at 4am with a visit to the markets, and will end at 7pm. They will then go to a room which they share with up to 10 other women.

   There was displays of famous women fighters and other women who have contributed Ro society. It was somewhat bias to the present regime but does show the high regard women are held.



The most amazing display was of the different faces of old women and their   beauty.

People in Hanoi may live in a traditional family house. This consists of a shop at the bottom. Above this the grandparents will live, and then on the next floor will be the parents of the grandchildren. If there is another floor , it may be used by a sibling, rented to another family or for the laundry . The roof can also be used for laundry or growing herbs.

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