We went to hear the sea

Travelling the byways often means driving through more isolated areas. This was the case today. Although the landscape was relatively flat, much of it was left fallow. Some of the small villages were virtual ghost towns ,with houses rapidly being taken back by nature. This may be due to economic changes , that have  occurred with becoming independent , or openings provided by joining the EU

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image imageZadar is a popular city on the coast……no beaches of course, lots of concrete. It is extremely old and has both medieval and Roman ruins. The Roman ruins have simply been placed as pieces .image  image

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Down on the waterfront, Zadar Council have created two installations that appeal to the senses, The first is a sea organ. Tubes have been placed under the stairs with holes in the stairs. As the sea moves, sounds are produced. People just sit, day or night and listen to nature’s sounds. It is surprisingly soothing. Turn your sound on and I hope you can hear it by pushing the words. Sea organ ( video)

imageDuring the day ,there is a big blue circle. By night it becomes an interactive light display.

    image  image

img_4297Light show

Only trains available today…not acceptable to our train fiends. Not sure why……imageimage

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    1. Blue circle has photovoltaic cells that light up at night. They also mark the birthday of the local saints by shining on that time of the year. Modern technology with historical references.

    2. Hope you are settled in the new house, Zara sleeps through and you can catch your breathe and be less stressed! Take care

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