imageIt is hard to describe Zagreb. There are some beautiful buildings that survived the earthquake of the 1880, and the following occupation of the Communist,  after  World War 2 . A perfect example is the huge Cathedral. It’s steeples were damaged by the earthquake and then quite a lot of repair work was completed by 1900’s. Quirky fact, most of the clocks stopped at just after 7.00 am and never started again.image

The war came , repairs stopped and in fact the building fell into further disrepair with the restrictions on any buildings related to religion .  This Cathedral is of particular importance to the local people as the Bishop resisted the orders of the Communist.

image         image


Now the people are restoring the city to the way they want it. The result is a mixture of old beautifully decorated stone , solid plain and modern buildings( particularly as you move from the city centre). As it is common in European cities, the outside of residential buildings can be a bit dodgy but inside are gorgeous courtyards and renovated homes.

image image

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There are many cafes and bars where the local people enjoy sitting and chatting to their friends. The markets are also frequented by locals , and although there are tourist souvenir goods available, we did not see the huge groups as we did in the other cities we have visited. Many of the goods, particularly linen is all hand done and their makers are proud of their skills and sharing it. One store holder  chatted about all her favourite locations to us instead of trying to sell us anything.

Where are the stairs, there must be stairs.

Yes we found them.image

These stairs lead to the view over the city. In the past Zagreb consisted of two towns…one at the top of the hill and one below. They were linked by stairs and then the shortest funicular in Europe.

image  image image

We missed this ride having already walked up and then down.

imageAt present Zagreb is enjoying the last of the warm weather before winter. There were markets during the day, lots of people enjoying coffee at restaurants and cafes, and tonight there was music in the main market square….(it was actually warmer tonight than this morning), The atmosphere is of a positive lively city.




imageJust outside our hotel is this beautiful garden that extends three city blocks. There are trees,gardens and fountains at one end with formal,buildings dividing it. The railway is at one side and the entrance to the main square at the other. There was an amazing clock that told the time, temperatures and had a barometer.image image

image   A bit chilly ,but colder tomorrow . We are off to see the rest of the gardens,  and who knows whatever else we will see.










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