Above the clouds

Swiss people look forward to their days off. They head out of the city when it is fine to enjoy the outdoors. We joined them today and ventured to Mt Pilatus. There is two trips you can do:

1. Gold circle :- ferry, train,cable car, bus

2. Silver circle :- train,train,cable car, bus

As we had travelled from Flüelen by ferry, we opted for the Silver circle. You catch a train to the base of the mountain. From here ,you catch the steepest cogwheel railway in the world  to the top section of the mountain. At some points the railway appears vertical, although its steepest gradient is 48’. You stop half way up so hikers and climbers can start their climb , if they wish. Look carefully in the bottom photo and you can see the train going down.

image image


Are you ready for the view at the top…..well it is spectacular but to see the whole vista …you guessed it , there are stairs!

Yes ,they are as steep as they look , but we puffed our way up all three sets to get you photos of the amazing views.


image Can you see yourself walking up the mountain on the paths?

Surprisingly there were walkers of all ages climbing up using mountain walking sticks. On the scree ,goats were grazing oblivious to the walkers.



image Once at the top, there are two hotels with restaurants for all visitors to recover

image image

image image

image Naturally, we had morning tea, and eventually,lunch . We were entertained by traditional music .This took the form of an Oompa band and two gentlemen playing the long wooden horns. Their music contrasted with the lively band ,as it was quite mournful…like a trumpet playing the last post.




On one set of stairs, a head appeared over the mountain side. It was a climber . He is the black bump one third from the top.


image Can you spot his hat?

Paragliders also use the thermal currents and entertained  us  as they swirled and floated with the Ravens on the currents.

image image

You can return to the city by the cog railway or by two cable cars, then a bus. This was our preferred option.

image image image

image image image

image image

Well after such an amazing day , I am just a little tired, excuse any errors and so good night  , I’ll be with you tomorrow.



9 thoughts on “Above the clouds”

  1. This must have been absolutely awesome to have experienced I don’t envy you the steps or the hustle between trains etc but do envy the result. The pics I now see are all the right way round now…..

  2. Gday M n S,
    Yor hol sounding awesome. And Ure still talking.
    Yor pics are great folks. Keep em coming. Camera up/down/sideways still a bit of an issue.

    Take care
    N n M

    1. Don’t know how I do it Noel. The photos look fine to me…..perhaps I should try to stand on my own two feet instead of the acrobatics.Will try to do better. Take care

    1. I am pleased. John is enjoying correcting my funny way of writing and we all enjoy discussing what should be included. Cheers Suzanne

    1. Thank you it is. You will not recognise us with all this excercise. We will be wraiths or would be if we stopped eating chocolate and yummy food.

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