All good things end or at least change…


You knew it had to happen,rain!

On our last day, we saw one of Iceland’s other faces. We had been told that rain, sleet ,hail were all common at this time of year and the mild weather was unseasonable. Out came the jackets and off we went.

Iceland sits on the middle of two Tectonic plates. It is easy to forget that it’s volcanoes are very active and provide the hot water and electricity. Because many eruptions occur beneath the glaciers,it is only when they inconvenience the rest of the world that we become aware of this fact. Today we got to put one foot on each plate. There is a fissure that runs down between the plates. Traditionally this has been a meeting place for people as well as the continents, laws were made, crimes punished (by drowning in the death pool), and the festivals celebrated. There are the remains of booths built by stall owners for these celebrations. Now it is a National Park. It has the most amazing waterfall, complete with love story, and geysers. The word geyser comes from Iceland so now you can all say an Icelandic word. I’ve learnt important words like skollottur( bald), eh, takk for thanks….image


The geyser and thermal pools reminded us of Β New Zealand. We patiently waited in the rain. Bubble, bubble, swirl, more bubbles. The water seamed to retreat and then more bubbles. Suddenly a bulge and wooooooosh, a stream of hot air shot up into the air.Fabulous!


Look at the amazing view at the fissure.image

I read that the horses of Iceland are among the most photographed subject. I didn’t want to fail this statistic but my efforts with the rain were somewhat dismal. My efforts on the fluff balls on legs that are the sheep were even worse to the point of being wooden. Ha ha!imageimageimageΒ Bye Iceland,

Hello Β Norway.

2 thoughts on “All good things end or at least change…”

  1. Wow!! What an exciting few days n such a different landscape. Glad you didn’t try puffin but sorry you didn’t get close to one. Looking forward to the next instalment from Norway. We are well here. Miss you both Sue n Frank

    1. Hi Sue and Frank, glad to hear the mighty chill mobile is feeling better again. Hope you two are also. We are staying out of mischief and head to Hamburg via Copenhagen on the train tomorrow. I am sending hugs but you will have to give it to each other for me.

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