Halong Bay

Today was a long bus trip, short boat ride and then a long bus ride. Worth it you say…..well you decide.

Halong Bay is a UNESCO area east of Hanoi city. At present it can only be reached by a 3-4 hour bus ride but by the time you visit, there may be a train. On route you pass many fields with flowers, vegetables or rice .

Farmers do still use traditional methods along with the more modern methods such as tractors.



Haze covers the Bay. It consists of 1969 limestone islands of various sizes. They , according to legend, were created by a dragon spitting out jewels when the  coast was threatened by invaders. Only one island is inhabited. Since it was named a UNESCO site, it has been discovered by the tourists and travellers alike. 

The Bay has an ethereal quality that is really only spoilt by the other 799 tourist boats.

Two of the islands have limestone caves. Trees, ogres and other shapes emerge from the rocks.

   Just beautiful.

You will be relieved to know , we have to walk up and down STAIRS.  Lunch was great too..

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