Winter is all ready visiting the South Island. Ice was coating the car and snow is falling on the mountain tops. Travelling from anywhere to Kaikoura, a popular spot for locals and tourists, is a little difficult at present. The region was hit by an earthquake in 2016 and the main highway and rail line ,both north and south were destroyed. This road, as well as transport routes to the north, all went under restructure programs to allow goods to travel from ,or to , the North Island. Everywhere you go,road crews are working on the roads, strengthening or rebuilding.

Kaikoura can only be reached by a winding road. It is somewhat isolated and there is only a ski resort on route. Not good for those of us who need regular doses of coffee. It is worth the effort. The scenery is rural and is bordered by the snow peaks. As it has turned cold , clouds rose off the snow as the sun hot them.





Once you arrive in Kaikoura, you are welcomed by the locals who are eager to talk about their town, the earthquake and when they were in Australia. Although the earthquake has affected business and their homes, they are philosophical about repairing and making their lives better.

This hotel will not be opening for a while. Scenery is stunning here but the neighbors can be noisy.

  Spot the seals!

There are two areas where seals have made their home. The ones out on the rocks appeared to be discussing the positions on the rock. The one near the path had decided it was the perfect place to sleep and only moved to change which side to sunbathe. You would be proud of us as we energetically headed up to the top of the headland to walk along the walkway around the bay. I think we need to walk off the scallops and mussels.

Home tomorrow, just before the snow hits here. See you soon.

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