Arriving late at night ,via two planes and lots of hours, all we had time to do was eat dinner and collapse into bed. Everything was we’ll organise, heaps of buses waiting at the airport. Mike went out and checked…yes a 55 bus. Pauline and I went out , 64 bus and no driver. He was catching up on the news from his friends. Finally, bags arrived..sigh of relief., and now a 112 bus. Yes it did go to our hotel but first we had to negotiate getting on the bus as we were obstructed by a stroppy German man who stood on the steps and instructed his wife on how to put the bags into the bus.image

Getting morning exercise or too cheap to pay for the bus? We took a walk around the town in the morning and worked out it wasn’t too far to walk to the ship. It was only about 1.5 km through the residential area. The path was easily recognised by plastic tubs of coloured flowers. No  time to get that cute pair of boots 😢 With the black and white striped soles.

Check in was easy but we got into trouble for putting our bags in before the designated time of 12.30. Safety talk (video didn’t want to work) and then guess …lunchtime . Roast reindeer for dinner tonight and we are sitting at table number 13. Is this an omen?

Weather  is sunny and clear and there is a slight chance we will see the Northern lights. The cruise director said they saw them last night at 12.15am. You have to get up and race out to see them as they only last a short time at present.   Please take the time to dress travellers as we don’t want to scare anyone.😱😳😦



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