Last sailing day😭


The seven sisters in the mist

Today,like yesterday, is a day of short visits to ports….some only fifteen minutes, so I  am sorry I did not stir myself to don the layers and check them out. We did venture out in Brønnøysund. This towns claim to fame is that it geographically in the middle of Norway. They even have a stone sign in the middle of a beech grove……..well I believe they have. I saw the grove ,the walk to it and the sign that said it was there  , but it was raining and the ice was turning into an ice skating rink. Careless of me I know but no skates , no ability to use skates and a fear of a broken limb  kept me from the proof.






As in Australia, there are stories attached to some mountain ranges. Here the mountain range above appears to disappear in the mist. In summer there are 7 distinct waterfalls down the mountain and into the fjord. Opposite these is a single waterfall. The legend goes that a king had seven, of course beautiful, unmarried daughters. They were pursued by  a suitor and the king mistook them for trolls and turned them to stone. Now they will forever taunt their suitor from the other side of the fjord.

Here in Norway, the geographical line where you enter or leave the Artic Circle Is marked by a metal globe on a small rocky island. When we entered , we were blessed by the “God Njord” now as we leave , we are encouraged to have good health. This was to be achieved by a dose of cod fish oil and a teaspoon of  Akvivit, a type of alcohol. I am not sure which was supposed to give you the best health ,but I got to keep the teaspoon so all good. It wasn’t much of a sacrifice to drink the oil as I was dosed everyday as a child. Joy? Blahhhhhhh.

We are back to Trondheim tomorrow to check out the fortress for you.



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