Lost in Venice

Now with many winding alleyways, bridges and piazzas, it is very easy to get lost in Venice.image



Even finding a public toilet is a marathon and requires you to plan ahead. Not a place for a toilet training toddler. Be aware mums.Thankfully , we have left the beloved grand babies or not so small grand children at home. We set out for a visit to the facilities,leaving husbands holding hats, bags etc, after 10 minutes or so and considerable distance (no we did not stop and look in the shops,that came later) we located it…you need €1.50 oops. Yes we did bring money. You thought it was going to be an embarrassing disaster didn’t you. They were very salubrious almost worth a €1.50 , that’s $3.00. You can not drink too much coffee here.

imageSouvenir markets are all the time, Monday is fruit, Tuesday is fish. We were told to go early for the best choice, think I might be busy.image

Not far from our apartment is the famous Rialto Bridge. It is the original bridge that crossed the Grand Canal and joined two islands and districts. The bridge is lined with shops so it took us awhile to cross it. Yes we did buy a few things and will return possibly to buy a few more tomorrow. It is a focus point and there are many signs to it. Get lost, head back here, get your bearings and off you go,hopefully in the right direction. Getting lost does sometimes result in unexpected finds. Pauline and I both found shoes! Mine are the red boots. I aiming for sandals next…..almost any colour is fine.


Sitting watching Gondoliers rowing past is interesting. You see them loaded up with tour groups,six at a time, family groups, lovers, people more interested in selfies or checking their phones. We had to drink coffee and indulge in the pastime. Let me tell you, they no longer sing ,so forget that romantic idea you had. Also the Gondoliers do not look enthusiastic about their jobs, one even had his ear plugs in listening to music.



image image

image image

Italian food:

gelato                                      ✅  😃

pizza                                         ✅ 😀

lasagna                                    ✅ 😀

spagetti carbonara           ✅ 😃

spagetti with seafood     ✅ 😀

gnocci                                       ✅ 😕

Cannelloni .                           ✅😃

No room for dessert☹️😢😞😦

After dinner ,we discovered , we were rather a long way from the apartment but close to the other main tourist attraction, St Mark Square. Wandering through the square, we listened to three different groups entertaining their patrons with music. A fascinating experience because there are no street lights, only the lights from restaurants and shops. There is the smell of  various  foods from restaurants, joined by the wafting smells of tobacco, sea water and other street smells,  and the music, people walking and talking so your senses are being bombarded.

Sorry not too many photos, Wi Fi is being painful. Tomorrow we will revisit the Square in daylight. You can compare the experience, along with us.

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