On the trains again

Now you know I am married to a train fanatic so no trip is complete without a train journey. Today we caught the local train from Trondheim to Hamar and then a fast train from Hamar to Oslo Airport.  It was actually snowing as we left Trondheim. Train travel is relaxing for yours truly as there is no map wrangling to check the gps is really telling you the best route and you get to see the countryside.

Norway in  winter is just all those Xmas .Snow scene cards……lots of snow,bare trees well you get the picture.  The houses are mainly wood construction and generally are red, mustard or white.If you don’t remember borrow The American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or watch SBS on demand  Lilyhammer series. Enough babbling I took lots of photos so you can make your own mind up.







Look at the ice stalectites.
Xmas trees



Ps knitting count: Mike’s socks completed( took awhile) and 3 baby beanies. Tomorrow we fly to Dublin so see you in Ireland.

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