On the trains again!!!

Readers you should be proud of us…and the European train system .

Rothenburg to Steinbach.  Due : 8.06am. We arrived 7.45am✅


Steinbach to Ansbach           Due : 8.29.       We arrived 8.20am✅


Ansbach to Stuttgart.            Due : 10.07.         We arrived 9.07am✅

Bored travellers waiting, waiting, here comes the train!

image image image

Stuttgart to Zurich.                Due: 12.29.   We arrive 11.53pm✅



Zurich, Switzerland

Rain,rain go away. We can’t wait and visit another day.

We arrived at the station and found our hotel by walking straight off the end platform and down the street. So easy. Stowed the bags and off we went. As in many European cities, the old city has beautiful buildings,even in the rain.


Enjoy these few

.image image

image image

image image

image image image


If only it was this easy to get there!


And for dinner we had:-

image =image

Tomorrow, we are off to the lake and to the Town Hall. See you then.




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