Once in 20 years?

Last night we drank spiced Norwegian tea ( interesting), ate fish cakes ( rubbery) and waited in the freezing cold for the NorthernLights. At midnight , we gave up and took our frozen butts,fingers,feet and other bits to bed. Perhaps we will have more luck tonight, sighhhhhhhhhhhh. On the plus side, today we get to experience a lunar eclipse, where the moon turns pink and blue? , against the backdrop of the fjords so we can’t complain can we. ( Mike might but it is what it is). -5 degrees but feels like -13 at sunrise.  

On route we passes Finnsnes.This has grown in recent years and is now home to 5000 people. As it’s growth has been rapid, all the buildings are modern and reflect the industrial nature of the area.

All ready for the cold

Bridge linking the town to the neighboring island.

 Tromso is the biggest of the Artic towns in Norway. Many students come to study at Universities here.It is a mixture of old and new . The oldest wooden  Cathedral is found on one side of the waterway and the modern”Artic“Cathedral is on the other. The modern buildings add interest to the cityscape being unusual shapes  often reflecting ice being layered.

Polaris, a museum of the Artic

Oldest Cathedral made of wood

Artic Cathedral in distance linked by bridge to Tromsø island.







Fail,fail,fail. I failed photographing the eclipse. But I did get a few ok shots showing the Artic Cathedral lit up.


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