Trondheim again

Leaving the ship in a practical heatwave of -3 degrees, we trudged to the hotel to deposit our bags. There was no wind, so although it is cold it feels just a bit colder than our winters….you do need the down jacket,scarf ,hat and gloves. We headed up through the oldest parts of the city to the fortress. Old warehouses and workshops once part of a thriving ship building and repair industry have now been converted to restaurants,shops and residences. New buildings have been added but are sympathetic in design.

The past

Above the harbour,high on a hill is the Fortress. This was built in 1691 and has withstood many sieges. If the steep hill didn’t defeat you, ( it was difficult for cars let alone us poor unfit pedestrians), then its granite stone walls and metal gates might cause you to rethink your battle plans. It has been used by military continuously up until the end of World War 2. The Germans used it particularly for dealing with Norwegian Resistance members.

The hill!









Below the fortress was a park. The soccer oval has been converted to something else.


Little children do need exercise. These preschoolers were out for a walk, all happily hanging on to circles on a rope.


You will never guess where we went next…..the railway,no, the harbour…… are close……yes, the Maritime museum. It is tiny being in a building that was once the first jail for criminals and slaves. It then became the custom house , a warehouse and other roles until its present role.

Norway has had such a history bound to the sea and trade.       

The street scape is a mixture of old and new. The oldest building is Stittgarden which was a royal residence.  Sculptures are an important component of the streets as is the use of lights in trees,windows and doorways.


A history in pictures on a wall

Stairs or sculpture

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  1. Hi. Great photos as always. Looks very cold!! Glad you both are enjoying Norway. All good here . Have got most of the house packed up now. Stay safe xxxx

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